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Why Buy A Bike From Us?

Reasons To Make Us Your Choice!

1. We advise with only goal is that you love the bike (and use) you purchase.  Our only goal is your complete satisfaction, so you ride more.

2. We do a better job of fitting you.  From recreational fit to aggressive aero positions.  The right bike, in the right size for the right budget.

3. We carefully curate our selection for every rider category.  Our inventory selection is chosen for quality, reliability and performance.

4. Exceptional experiences made us cyclist, we want that to happen to you!  Riding alone to relieve stress and clear the mind.  Ride with friends.  Ride with strangers to make new friends.  Ride for charitable causes.  Whatever motivates you we want you to ride your bike and smile.

5.  We understand you work hard for your money and greatly appreciate giving us the opportunity to be your bike shop.  There are many brands and shops to choose from, our family is grateful for the opportunity to serve you.