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Group rides in the area

1. V2 (Valley Velo) - Facebook: Valley Velo (its private to reduce spam)

Group Ride that goes out of Headwaters Park on Tuesday Nights at 6:00pm (30 miles)

This Ride normally has an A, B & C group with a designated leader for each

A - Experienced Group Riders, Fast (21-25mph avg speed) - drop ride

B - Some Group Experience (18 - 21mph avg speed) - no drop

C - Newer Group Riders or First TImers (15-117mph avg speed) - no drop


2. EMC2 (Elmhurst Masters Competition Cycling) - insta: emc2elmhurstmasters

The Short Loop ("Spicy" w/re-groups) - (20 miles)

Meets at 5th/3rd Bank on St. Charles Road in Downtown Lombard 6:00am Saturday Mornings, this is for experienced Group Riders/Racers with 6 particular attacking sections to test your legs...Hawthorne, High Lake, Summit, Manchester, Pennsylvania & Crescent - drop ride

*There is also a more measured tempo group that leaves at 5:45 - no drop

The Long Loop (Tempo/Endurance) - (40 miles)

Meets at 5th/3rd Bank on St. Charles Road in Downtown Lombard 5:45am Sunday Mornings, this is for anyone with some group riding experience and comfortable in paceline (20mph avg speed) - no drop


3. B4D4WN (Before Dawn - rides go out early!) -

The Ripper - (30 miles) Wheels out promptly Tuesday mornings 5:10 am at Memorial Park Parking Lot in Wheaton and pick up another big group WWHS (Wheaton Warrenville High School) at 5:25. This is one of the fastest group rides in the area. Full gas attacking with a lot of horse power. Need to be an experienced Group Rider/Racer comfortable in a "crit" like environment. (24mph avg) - drop ride

BWE (Big Wind Energy) - Wheels out same locations and times as Ripper -  route is similar but one part or it done in reverse. This is a Strong Tempo ride, try to make it smooth and fast, only attack area is on one section and then we regroup after. Need to be comfortable rolling a smooth fast paceline. (23 mph avg.) - no drop as we regroup.


4.  Flannel Friday - Wheels out from Memorial Park Parking Lot in Wheaton at 5:10am most Fridays. This is a chill 30 mile route at conversation pace. (17-19 mph avg) - no drop


5.  Coffee on Bikes (for old people :) )  Wednesdays 9:30am starting at the shop.   Easy, no drop, 6-10 miles.  

5. Fox Valley Bicycle & Ski Club Group - Large organization with a lot of different rides.  Generally lower pacing.  Can try before you buy and a lot of great ride leaders.

6. Early weekday rides all through August from the shop. ~40 miles as training for the WOW5 ride ramps up.  B pacing.