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Lectric E-bikes

Our Lectric  e-bikes are selected for their low price and high value.  The trike is an exceptional seller, helping folks get back outdoors and active.  The folding bikes are ideal for the Metra commuting crowd.  

Lectric E-bikes


We stock Troxus bikes for their excellent offerings in the very competitive recreational range.  As well as their fat tire and cargo options.

Troxus bikes catalog


Our cannodale e-bikes are selected for their mid-motor option (easy to change a flat tire!).  They are of the highest quality and tend to have the higher range between charge.  

Cannondale E-bikes


We stock Himiway bikes for their excellent offerings in the mid motor recreational range.  Mid motors create a significant price jump but the user benefits long term are substantial.  Himiway creates very competitively priced mid-motors and we are big fans.  Mid-motor bikes have a 5 year shop warranty.

Himiway e-bikes


Our Tenways e-bikes are selected for their pedal assist only, simple designs and the best value e-bike options in-stock.  We think those looking for a no-excuse bike to ride will love this brand.

Tenways catalog


It is no secret we love the quality of the Scott Bikes, and their Solace e-bike line is no exception.  32 pounds of e-assisted cycling fun.  Great for couples with a fitness mis-match or those of us trying to keep up with riders half our age!

Scott E-bikes


Our Husqvarna e-mountain bikes are selected for their pedal assist only, rugged design and the excellent Shimano motor.  These bikes are ready to shred your favorite trail system and make the ups as fun as the downs.

Husqvarna e-bike offerings