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Service Packages - Choose the Right Plan for you

   Prices listed are for labor only. Please note that parts to complete these service packages are billed at additional cost and possible additional installation charges.


We reserve the right to refuse service on any bike. If your repair will cost more than the replacement value of the bike then we require a 75% deposit.

All prices are Estimates. Prices are subject to change. Shop fee of $3.00 added to each tune-up.

Annual Reconditioning Package


This package includes what you need to get your bike back on the road. Should be performed at least once a year.

Maintenance items included:

• Check and adjust shifting system
• Check and adjust braking system
• True wheels and tension spokes
• Check and adjust all bearing mechanisms
• Lubricate all external moving parts and cables
• Inflate tires to proper pressure
• Bike is washed and components are cleaned without removal.*
• Test ride to ensure proper performance

Brake & derailleur cables & housing replacement, as needed. Critical parts measured for wear and replaced, as needed.

*Note-Extra charges may be incurred for extremely dirty equipment

Safety Check, Adjust & Lube

Have a new or newer bike with low miles since last adjusted? Consider this package.

Maintenance items included:
• All components are checked for safe operation and adjusted.
• Chain, cables & all pivot points are lubed.
• Tires are inflated to proper pressure.
• Test ride to ensure proper performance



Professional Overhaul $199.99

Are you serious about your cycling? Do you ride 3-6k miles per year? An overhaul gives you the best bike you can have short of buying a new one!

Maintenance items included:

• Everything in the Major Tune-up service
• New bearings* (as needed) in all bearing applications
• Install new cassette, chain and chain rings as needed*
• Thorough cleaning and polishing of frame and wheels
• Wrapping handlebars with tape as needed
• Test ride for proper performance

Your bike will be like new when you get it back!

A la carte


Flat Tire Repair
Remove wheel, diagnose cause of flat replace tube, reinstall on bike
Shifting System Adjustment
Inspect, lubricate and adjust both front and rear shifting systems
$30/15 each
Brake System Adjustment
Inspect, lubricate and adjust both front and rear brake systems
$30/15 each
Headset or Bottom Bracket Adjustment
Includes adjusting bearings     
Headset  or Bottom Bracket Replacement $35
Bottom Bracket Replacement
Remove cranks, install new BB, reinstall cranks 
True Wheel
Includes proper tensioning of all spokes. 
Spoke replacement extra. 
Chain Replacement                     
Install new chain and check shifting calibration 
Disc Brake Setup or Bleeding  Mechanical   $30/wheel
Hydraulic     $50/wheel
Drive Train Cleaning     
Remove crank, chain and cassette. 
Wash in solvent bath, dry and lubricate. 
Reinstall components and adjust shifting.  

Install Rear Rack or Child Seat
If not Purchased at Spin Doctor, Add $10


Boxing and Shipping Bicycle
Disassemble and pack bicycle for shipping. Insurance and Shipping costs are not included.

Install cyclometer    
Installation of computer and calibration. 
Hub Overhaul     
Disassemble hub, repack with grease, 
bearings and cones replaced as needed. 
Wrap Handlebar     
Bars wrapped so the tape actually stays on! 
Aero bar set-up add $5.00
Wheel Building    
The lost art of hand building a wheel.